Monday, November 3, 2014


Covered the POTUS in Bridgeport. Saw many friends, could not get to you. Much love to Inquiring News for the assignments, it don’t get bigger or better than Mr. & Mrs. Obama in a 72 hour period.

So anyway, I’m in the “media “ section, doing my thing along with soaking up all the history, happy, happy. Then this b**** from general market media says to me “only the media are allowed in here”.
Well you could have knocked my down with a feather. Without missing a beat in my nice girl voice I said, “the secret service does not need your help” and kept on doing my thing.

Did it sting? You damn right it did. Sh*t, I had to show credentials, get thru 4 check points and a pat down to get behind that velvet rope. I’m an award-winning journalist, with editorials seen on Larry King Live, in the New York Post, our CT newspapers and many more. I went to Ground Zero, I am an Army Veteran. I have a Masters Degree. Somehow to her I did not belong there, seemed out of place…

Of course at the end of the event she apologized. She said “Sorry, I thought…” Save it!

Like those who came before me I’ll take it. I am a girl from Bridgeport, born without civil rights. It’s the least I can do. Covering “our” African-American President and First Lady, writing for an African-American newspaper for African-American people are among the high points of my African-American life.

Let’s keep knocking a hole in that glass ceiling. Black history is made everyday!

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