Monday, November 3, 2014


Covered the POTUS in Bridgeport. Saw many friends, could not get to you. Much love to Inquiring News for the assignments, it don’t get bigger or better than Mr. & Mrs. Obama in a 72 hour period.

So anyway, I’m in the “media “ section, doing my thing along with soaking up all the history, happy, happy. Then this b**** from general market media says to me “only the media are allowed in here”.
Well you could have knocked my down with a feather. Without missing a beat in my nice girl voice I said, “the secret service does not need your help” and kept on doing my thing.

Did it sting? You damn right it did. Sh*t, I had to show credentials, get thru 4 check points and a pat down to get behind that velvet rope. I’m an award-winning journalist, with editorials seen on Larry King Live, in the New York Post, our CT newspapers and many more. I went to Ground Zero, I am an Army Veteran. I have a Masters Degree. Somehow to her I did not belong there, seemed out of place…

Of course at the end of the event she apologized. She said “Sorry, I thought…” Save it!

Like those who came before me I’ll take it. I am a girl from Bridgeport, born without civil rights. It’s the least I can do. Covering “our” African-American President and First Lady, writing for an African-American newspaper for African-American people are among the high points of my African-American life.

Let’s keep knocking a hole in that glass ceiling. Black history is made everyday!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

An Editorial - “Our” President Visits

By the time you read this article Election Day 2014 will have passed. The campaigns were hard fought with each side bringing in the heavy hitters to champion their respective causes. I hope you voted and your candidate won.

Without a doubt the loftiest of those heavy hitters was President Barack Obama. President Obama’s visit to Central High School in Bridgeport fired up the party faithful and will no-doubt inspire countless more to vote in the future. But to many seeing the President meant a lot more than that.

President Obama is living proof that when you tell your child that he/she could be president one day it can really happen. Seeing him is proof that the work done by the Urban League, the NAACP, the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, along with countless others whose names we will never know was not in vain. That the work you are doing today really means something!

I have been to both of President Obama’s inaugurations and have reported on his two recent visits to Connecticut (along with the First Lady). Our people came out in droves for each event, the turnouts unprecedented. The reaction of the people is beyond enthusiastic. Folks become overwhelmed by emotion seeing the Obama’s in person. In my articles “Rock Star” is the only noun/adjective that came close expressing to Inquiring News readers what I have observed. Recall the best concert you’ve ever been to. Remember the crowd going absolutely crazy? It is unbelievable! That’s the reaction every time President Obama hits the stage. He means so much to so many.

If all of us living today get to see another African-American elected President of the United States of America just know that the Second Coming would probably happen shortly thereafter.  So lets enjoy these this time with “our” President and First Lady.  Live by some of the examples they have set. Enjoy and be empowered by this very special time in history that God has blessed us to bear witness to!