Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mrs. Obama Comes to Town

NEW HAVEN – First Lady Michelle Obama came to town to give her blessings to Gov. Dan Malloy and leading Democrats running in highly contested races that were to be decided on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 4th.

Mrs. Obama entered the Wilbur Cross High School auditorium to a rousing ovation. The kind usually reserved for rock stars. Her appeal is evident. A woman of power and influence unparalleled and yet she has the presence of every women. Her affect is as easy as her smile. She seems genuine and is very much on point with her message. Speaking over a sprinkling of hecklers here and there (back to that in a bit) she remained unfazed.

“So if there’s anybody here who is thinking that their vote doesn’t matter, if there’s anybody here who knows someone who thinks that voting just isn’t worth their time, if you know young people who are sitting on the couch, I want you to think we cannot afford to miss out on a single vote in this election -- not one.  This is real.  Think about your passions.  Think about the things you care about. “ said the First Lady. “Vote”.

State Treasurer Denise Nappier who was also running for office was there supporting her party peers. Although she did not address the crowd in an exclusive interview with Inquiring News she called the First Lady’s visit “inspiring”.  “Her visit energizes the party faithful”, says Nappier, “and the publicity surrounding her visit reminds others that election day is near. She is also a wonderful inspiration to young girls, letting them know they can come from humble beginnings like she did and succeed.

About 2,000 people from around the state attended the invite only rally on a lovely fall day. Being in the orbit of the wife of the most powerful man on earth is an
eye-opening once in a life-time experience. It requires patience, standing for hours, and being on your best behavior.

Along with the people in a crowded line that went down the street around the corner and then stretched as far as the eye could see was a heavy police presence, secret service agents, bomb sniffing attack dogs, snipers on the roof , many security check points Once granted entre, with a pat down for good measure, you are on lock down when enter the building and told with very firm yet friendly direction where to go.  Should you deviate two steps someone is right there (quite startling) with that very firm yet friendly direction.

Something is in air, it tingles. Everyone is on high alert. What is about to take place few Americans bear witness to.  First Lady Michelle Obama is now talking directly to you. She is walking through the crown shaking hands, posing for selfies. Then, just like that, it’s over.

At the end of a very long day, everyone is drained, but, it was all well worth this brush with history as we may never pass this way again in our lifetime.

Writers Note: Regarding hecklers. The ones who interrupted the First Lady (and no other speaker) in an effort to make a case, about whatever. Just so you know, your message went unheard. You were being disrespectful, rude and you looked foolish. You had no right to crash/infiltrate somebody else’s party with your nonsense.  To utilize a quote from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christy (who was also heckled last week) “Sit down and shut up!”

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